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Each Globaltim Branch has to provide the information constantly about the market and sector reports along with analyzing it according to the demands that would be asked for by the Globaltim Istanbul.



Globaltim Branches inform directly to the Globaltim Istanbul by collecting information and making researches at it's region regarding the real and potential selling or purchasing demands in order to share with the concerned Globaltim Branch or Branches.
If needed a Globaltim Branch evaluates the demands which came from Globaltim Istanbul regarding the selling and purchasing offers and the studies to get for this goal.



Globaltim Branches periodically sends information regarding to the fairs, meetings, organizatons, bids and purchasing-selling demands.
A Globaltim Branch presents either it's annual activity reports or country reports, sector analyses and etc. in it's region to the Globaltim Center.



A Globaltim Branch primarily follows either present business opportunities or potential investment offers and business environments in it's region. The Branch also manages the consultancy services according to determined conditions for the businessmen who have intention to make investment in it's region and finally make them report to the Globaltim Center.



Each Globaltim Branch has relationships on behalf of Globaltim with the business life ( chambers, stock markets, business life associations, organized industrial zones and banks) , political and official environment ( ministries, governor offices, unions and organizations related to government) in it's region.


Other Services

A Globaltim Branch helps to businessmen who visit it's region by fully serving with all respect, and providing necessary contacts, and arranging successful programs. If customer wishes, Globaltim Branch provides the service of interpretation,translation and consulting or etc.